Acid Attack Survivor awarded compensation under Haryana scheme


Anju v. State of Haryana and others Anju, a married young woman in the late twenties and a mother of a two year old female child was attacked with acid by her estranged husband at her parental home in the year 2010. She is a daughter of a small vegetable vendor. Due to financial constraints, she could not afford the treatment. On the other hand, she was not eligible to get medical help and compensation under the scheme namely, Relief and Rehabilitation of Women Acid Victims which was applicable only to the survivors that suffered after May 2011. The Petitioner prayed that the Scheme for treatment should not be restricted to victims after May 2011 and the compensation amount of a maximum of Rs.3,00,000 should be granted while referring to a Apex Court case of Privartan Vs. U.O.I. In this case, the petitioner had suffered acid attack before the scheme was notified as per which the petitioner was not eligible and she has taken treatment from a hospital which is also not approved by the Government. However, the respondents have relaxed the eligibility criteria and the Petitioner’s Hospital has also been approved and the actual medical bills of Rs.2,16,000 have been ordered to be reimbursed.As per the Haryana Victim Compensation Scheme persons like the petitioner would be entitled to Rs.3,00,000/- as maximum compensation. However, in Parivartan Kendra's case the Supreme Court awarded Rs.10,00,000 to the victim thus the Petitioner is entitled to compensation of Rs. 6,00,000/- in all, which has to be paid by the Government. Lastly, in regard to rehabilitation, under the Persons with Disabilities scheme a monthly financial assistance of Rs.8,000/- would be given to the acid attack victims. Thus the Petitioner prayed to be to entitled to the same. Status The petition was allowed and the Petitioner was granted reimbursement for the medical bills and also free future treatment which amounted to a couple of lakhs. Compensation amounting to Rs. 6 lakh and disability pension of Rs. 8000 per month was also granted since the Petitioner had become disabled to the extent of 49%.