Acid attack survivor files petition asking for grant of disability certificates and financial aid


Monika Mondal v.State of West Bengal and Ors.W.P. 22924(w) of 2016, High Court at Calcutta The Petitioner, Monika, is an acid attack survivor, who had written to the Chief Secretary, State of West Bengal requesting for interim compensation of Rs. 3 lakhs, pursuant to the acid attack. She received no response from the office of the Chief Secretary and finding no other alternative, was constrained to file a writ petition before the High Court at Calcutta. In the said petition, the petitioner also prayed for other reliefs, including the grant of disability certificates and reimbursement of medical expenses. She subsequently received interim compensation to the tune of Rs 3 lakhs. In the meantime, a medical board was also specially formed to examine her, and to determine the extent and percentage of her disability as a result of the acid attack. The matter is pending before the High Court at Calcutta. Status (In court): Pending for further hearing.