Case of domestic abuse


Lamxi versus Dipti Ram, Court of Metropolitan Magistrate, Jaipur Metropolitan Petitioner Lamxi, aged 25 years old, was married to Mr. Dipti Ram on 10/03/2016 with all religious rituals and in presence of all dignified person, natives and relatives. After marriage, both husband and wife started living their married life with all marital relations. Just after marriage, accused started demanding more dowry and torturing the petitioner. The husband was a habitual drinker and beat would Laxmi everyday. She complained to the Mahila Salah and Suraksha Kendra, Jaipur Gramin, Jaipur office on 25/04/2016. She along with her husband were called for counseling but that did not changed the husband's behavior. She again reported to Mahila Salah and Suraksha Kendra and a Protection Officer started investigating the matter. Defendant abused the petitioner mentally, physically to the extent that to save her life, she escaped her in-laws house and went back to her parents. The case was forwarded by Mahila Salah and Suraksha Kendra Jaipur to HRLN unit and a Domestic violence complaint was filed before the court under the provision of section 12 of Domestic Violence Act.