Deficiencies in services causes death of girl with Physical Disability

Sushil Kumar Magar Vrs State of Odisha -W.P.(C) No. 16079 of 2021 | Orissa High Court | Status: Pending | |

During the first phase of Lock down in 2020 and spread of Covid in the Country there were various cases were patients were denied medical services causing health hazards and in many cases death . In this particular case the daughter of the petitioner who was deaf and dumb was being treated for acute anemia. During the peak of covid rise in the State the daughter of the petitioner health deteriorated . her family members moved her to a Private hospital where the doctor recommended immediate blood transfusion and recommended her to be moved to KIIMS College and Hospital. The family members moved the minor girl to KIIMS College and Hospital which at that time was a designated Covid Hospital and its management was taken over by the State Government.  
When the family members wanted to admit their daughter for immediate blood transfusion  the Officer concerned and the doctors concerned forcefully moved her to the Covid ward even before her test result had come. The mother and father pleaded before the doctor concerned to at least let one them be with their daughter as she was both deaf and dumb and cant understand or make other understand anything. This plea was rejected and they were instructed to leave the premises and come next morning.
The next morning at around 6 AM the family was informed that their daughter died and handed over the body. The test report on Covid 19 too came in as negative. 
This is  clear case of deficiencies of medical service and a writ application has been filed seek 1 Crore compensation for the loss of life and further to take pecuniary action against the concerned officials and the doctors concerned.