Delhi HC asks govt to impart vocational training at de-addiction centre for juveniles


Acting on the submissions made by HRLN Advocate Jayshree Satupte, the Delhi High Court has ordered the government of NCT Delhi to impart vocational trainings to juveniles in conflict with law at a centre already functional for treatment of drug addiction among adolescents. The High Court has asked Advocate Jayshree, who has been appointed as amicus curie in this case, to visit the newly built drug de-addiction centre for juveniles in conflict with law and to submit a report to the Court. The Hon'ble High Court observed : "Be it noted, this is imperative for such children as a diversion of mind is necessary. We may hasten to clarify, the vocational training is necessary for all kinds of juveniles who are in conflict with law for the purpose of re-formation and rehabilitation but we have laid emphasis on this category of juveniles as that is the list today." A comprehensive report and recommendations have been filed by the HRLN in view of a large number of children getting into drug addiction and coming into conflict with law. The centre is intended to not only provide de-addiction treatment to such juveniles but also to impart various vocational trainings for their successful reformation and rehabilitation.