Enquiry ordered into misappropriation of tribal funds


Kallamvetty Colony Kottathara Vs District Collector Background Kallanvetty colony in Kottathara Panchayat, in Wayanad is a tribal colony where eight families of Paniya community live for a long time. For the improvement of the colony under ATSF project in the name of integrated development a scheme was prepared and implemented at the cost of Rs. 1,75,00,000. It was meant for construction and repair of houses, construction of retaining wall on one side of the river, construction of community hall, footpath, earth filling and creation of drinking water facility. The work was entrusted to Forest Industries Travancore Limited, Alwaye. But, the scheme (project) was not implemented as per the proposals in the project and there were allegation of large scale misappropriation of funds. HRLN team visited the colony and filed a petition to the District Collector praying for the proper implementation of ATSF project as per the terms and condition of the project and take action against those involved in the misappropriation of the funds. Current status Based on the official enquiry in the petition and the site inspection by the district planning Officer, the District Collector ordered a vigilance enquiry in the matter.