FIR registered against the poisoning of wife for dowry


StateVs Manoj Lala Deceased Anita's Marriage was on 28/11/2011.She had complained many times to her parents about the dowry harassment. Being poor the family was not in a position to fulfil those demands.An Incident of Poisoning happened at the matrimonial home of Deceased at R/O- 4/168, Dakishinpuri. The incident took place as per accused persons version at the night of 05/03/2013.Deceased died within sixteen months of marriage, under an unnatural circumstance due to poisoning. At the time of death deceased had a female child who was only six months old who was born on 22/08/2012.A certain poison was detected which works slowly after intake.That the the accused persons delayed bringing Anita to hospital within 1hr. MLC recorded on 06/03/2013 at 12.23 AM shows an Unknown compound Poison, this indicates the accused did not produce the medicine readily only after 2.30 pm of the day.It admittedly happened at night when the husband was present at home. Status The case was registered against the in-laws of the deceased.Their version of the reason of death was very absurd. It was since she was not allowed to go for her cousin brother's marriage one week prior to the marriage,in anger she consumed poison.This reason was against the recorded facts, that she along with her entire family was intent to go for marriage on the previous day of marriage and the bus was booked through her husband only. The trial court for want of evidence of dowry demand, cruelty before death acquitted all the accused persons. Since the Complaint was not upset and lose their confidence in the justice delivery system, he did not go further to challenge this order.