High Court issues notice to media houses in the defamation case filed by Fatima Nafees, Najeeb's mother #BringBackNajeeb


Fatima Nafees versus Bennette Coleman and Co, & Ors. The Delhi High Court on September 20th admitted the Civil Defamation suit filed against prominent media houses (Times of India, Times Now, India Today and others) by Fatima Nafees and issued notice to all the Defendants. In the suit, Fatima Nafees, mother of Najeeb Ahmad, a student of Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi, who went missing on 15-10-2016 after an assault on him, seeks compensation of Rs. 2.2 Crores for the extensive harm caused to her and her family by the false defamatory news published by the mentioned news publishers (defendants) about her son Najeeb after his disappearance. Various false news items stating that Najeeb was inclined towards joining ISIS, an International Terrorist Organization, were published as news videos and articles by the mentioned news publishers citing Delhi Police as the source of information. The articles linked his disappearance to the false information and aimed at disrupting the public support Najeeb's disappearance had received. Later, a Spokesperson of the Delhi Police, held a press conference and categorically clarified that the Delhi Police has not received any such report about Najeeb and that there was nothing in Delhi Police’s investigation that could suggest any link of the missing student to the ISIS. The news items however resulted in Fatima losing support from her friends, relatives and the public in her search to find her missing son, and caused the aggrieved mother further agony and distress. The matter will be heard on 10th October 2018 next.