High Court of Delhi allows Termination of Pregnancy at 25 weeks 4 days in terms of the MTP Amendment Act, 2021

Mahima Yadav v. Govt. of NCT of Delhi & Ors. [Writ Petition(C) 4117/2021] | Delhi High Court | Status: Disposed Of | |

The Petitioner, a 25 year old resident of Delhi approached the High Court of Delhi seeking Medical termination of Pregnancy at 24+ weeks of gestation. The petitioner is an established heart patient who had undergone mitral valve replacement in 2019 and has been on anti coagulant blood thinner since her surgery. However, the said medication caused the fetus to suffer from Warfarin embryopathy (fetal warfarin syndrome) causing severe physical and mental abnormalities in the fetus. 

The Petitioner was referred to a medical board at the All India Institute of Medical Sciences for further assessment. The medical board after conducting necessary tests opined that the fetus suffered from Warfarin Embryopathy. It further stated that since the Petitioner is heart patient, a cardiologist was consulted and they were of the opinion that the risk was within the permissible limit and therefore the Petitioner may go ahead with the Medical Termination of Pregnancy. 

The Hon'ble Court in accordance with the opinion of the medical board and after hearing arguments from both sides, passed a detailed order allowing the petitioner to undergo Medical termination of Pregnancy (judgement attached herewith).