Seeking legal remedies for women, children living below poverty line in Jharkhand


Kalyani Meena Vs Union of India & Ors Writ Petition No.: 5511/2008 HRLN filed this PIL on the 21/02/2008, in order to bring legal remedies for women and children who are living below the poverty line in Jharkhand, and who are subsequently being denied health care, with particular reference to reproductive health care. Jharkhand’s MMR stands at 371 which are above the national average. Jharkhand is a tribal area and historically such areas have been neglected in the delivery of medical resources and facilities in India. E.g. there are only areas there are only 16 urban health centres in the state, and there is a vast lack of medically trained personnel available to facilitate the communities’ needs. Petition filed:
  • to stop misappropriation of funds available to the health department.
  • Provide health services as per Indian Public Health Standards
  • Closer monitoring and evaluation of women’s hemoglobin levels, during pregnancy
  • Put in place a pregnancy related surveillance mechanism – identify pregnancy related deaths – review the causes – multi disciplinary committee members
This PIL seeks an interim order for a committee to investigate the implementation of National Rural Health Mission 2005-2012 and the Jharkhand Project Implementation Plan 2006-2012.