Police violence in Jharkhand against Adivasi man

Govind kumar Hansda Vs. The State of Jharkhand & others | High Court of Jharkhand at Ranchi | Status: Pending | |

On 12.12.2020, around 5:30 pm, Banshi Manjhi was returning and on the Budgadda More, the police stopped him for checking and inquiry of him. After inquiring about it, the police adivaasi used slangs and abused and tortured him using abusive language. The ASI, Suman Kumar Singh with his other colleagues, used a gun’s nib to harm Banshi and injured him. When Banshi got conscious   then he was threatened by the police. Banshi anyhow reached home but got fainted and was drenched with blood so he was taken to  IEL Gomia Hospital for treatment.  The doctors told the patient’s family that Banshi’s nasal bone as well as teeth got broken and he got serious injuries on his head. Then, the doctor immediately referred to Muskan Hospital, Bokaro. While going to Bokaro Hospital, Suman Kumar sinha, along with his colleagues followed the petitioner’s family and threatened them “that if we file the case against them in Thana, the police would murder the entire family members”. 

 On December 29, he went to the police station and submitted a complaint. He waited for over two hours but the station house officer did not file an FIR. “He said he will speak to the SP [superintendent of police] and then only file an FIR,” said Rajesh Hansda, Banshi Hansda’s brother, who had accompanied him to the police station. The family attempted to file an FIR online but could not find the relevant police station on the police website. In January, Banshi Hansda sent another complaint letter by speed post to the police station and the superintendent of police. But he still hasn’t received any response. The district administration has not given him any compensation either.

As an FIR is crucial for the investigation to go further, Unless an FIR is not there, how can one take action against the perpetrator or give compensation. Therefore, now the petitioner has filed an petition in the Jharkhand high court for the registration of an FIR and the case is pending before the court.