PUCL and Sanyukt Basti Samiti vrs State of Jharkhand


W.P.(PIL) No 1076/2011 (I.A. No. 1122/ 2011) By this Public Interest Litigation the High Court passed an order to remove all kinds of encroachments from public lands. Resulting Thousand housed in majour cities of Ranchi were demolished by the Government authorities. This Interlocutory Application was filed to provide the petitioners with immediate estimable rehabilitation including proper and adequate shelter and food and safe drinking water within close proximity of their existing occupancy, and To pass an ad interim order in respect of providing the petitioners with immediate temporary shelters after demolition of their houses by anti encroachment drive. to take all appropriate measures in order to provide the petitioners with Antyodyay cards as according to the guidelines of the Hon'ble Supreme Court, so as to enable the petitioners to sustain themselves. Order to ensure rehabilitation was passed.