Rights of the marginalised in Chhattisgarh


The petitioner has filed the instant petition praying for appropriate direction to the respondents to exercise their powers under various legal provisions and take immediate measures especially social security, welfare measures in the interest of the various vulnerable sections of society that are being affected by the COVID 19 shutdown.

That the key vulnerable sections are (a) Urban Unorganised sector workers – loaders, construction workers (b) Urban Self employed food vendors, rickshaw pullers, rag-pickers (c) Old persons in poverty urban and rural areas (d) Urban destitute and homeless (e) Poor families in urban and rural areas.

Frontline Workers in the Health, Civic services like law and order, sanitation, transport workers and their families are not being provided with adequate education, aids and facilities to combat the high probability of infection. Neither is there any clarity of the second / alternate line of this workforce to ensure that an undue strain on them is mitigated from the outset. The toiling class in formal and informal and agricultural sectors lack awareness on Covid-19. They are uneducated, poor, vulnerable, most susceptible to the threat of disease transmission. Therefore, it is all the more essential for the state to provide them with gloves, sanitizers, hand wash, masks at the earliest.