Rights of Transgender Persons during the Covid 19- Lockdown: Jharkhand

Amarjeet Singh Vs State of Jharkhand and Ors; W.P.(PIL) No. 1301 of 2020

Challenging Demolition of houses of Tribals in Jabua District

Khemchand and Others Vs. State of Madhya Pradesh, W.P. No. 6669/2020

House Demolition in Madhya Pradesh

Thavariya Vs State of Madhya Pradesh, W.P. No. 7213/2020

Bombay High Court allows Medical Termination at 26 weeks pregnancy

Nidhi Nilesh Jadhav Versus State of Maharashtra
Disposed off.

Kishan Ganj Railway Line Colony

Kishan Ganj Railway Line Workers Union v. Northern Railway & Ors, WP(C) 2744/2020

Petition for Reservation of seats in Public Transport for Transgender Persons

Sowmya Gupta vs Department of Delhi Trasport Cooperation and Anr.

Implementation of Rehabilitation and Resettlement of Tribal Village in Jharsuguda District.

Amot Oram and others Vrs State of Odisha and other-W.P.(C) No. 4997 of 2020

Challenging rejection of reservation for Persons with Disabilities

George Paily Vs. Union of India, W.P. (C) 2508/2020

Rights for Women Domestic Workers (Minimum Wages)

Ayushi Vs. State of Madhya Pradesh, W.P. No. 3118/2020

University forced to change admission form for Transgender Lady

Alia Sk vs State of West Bengal and Ors; W.P. No 21646 (W) of 2019
Disposed Off

Police Protection provided to a Queer Woman

Areka Sarkar and Anr Vs State of West Bengal and Ors; WP 9638(W) of 2019

50 Year old Upper Caste Man rapes a Dalit girl for over a year

Praveen Kumar v. State of Haryana
On-going Investigation

Conviction of accused for offence under Witch (Daain) Practices Act, 1999

Mahendra Purty and ors. versus state of Jharkhand and ors.
Disposed of

Kathputli Colony razed and forced the residents to leave Kathputli Colony

Centre for Holistic-CHD & Anr v. Delhi Development Authority & Ors, WP(C) No. 9663 of 2017
Disposed off

PIL for Leprosy Patients

Sarang Vs State of Madhya Pradesh W.P. No. 903/2020

Challenge to the Transgender Persons (Protection of Rights) Act, 2019

Rachana Mudraboyina and Ors vs Union of India and Ors