Webinar on District Meeting on Women Rights

Webinar on District Meeting on Women Rights. The stage was occupied by Sonal Tiwari, HRLN Ranchi, Rashmi Lal, HRLN,Mrinalini Adela Tete, HRLN, Ranchi,Salvi ji PRADAN, women paralegal volunteers of PRADAN and several other organisations, and some local people of Chakai, Bihar.

The session started with a brief introduction by Rashmi Lal, Advocate HRLN, Ranchi. She spoke of the work done by HRLN and its network across the country, the objectives and functioning of HRLN as a pro-bono legal support organization. The objective of the introduction was also for the participants to understand and get a grasp of the current scenario and how HRLN, can help them with their various issues, concerning even the basic human rights violation cases. Works done by the Advocates of HRLN was explained to all the participants, and contacts of the district network was also shared with the participants, so that they can avail the benefits of the pro bono legal support anywhere in the State without worrying of the expenses-being cheated-delays-corrupted officials. The availability of Advocates and Activists at every level, from the Gram Panchayats to the Supreme Court.

Thereafter we had a brief introduction of the participants, who were asked about their understanding on the human rights, which lead to the explanation of Article 21 of the Constitution and a discussion followed the same. They were at awe learning that even their existence is covered under this Article, the very air that they breathe, the water they drink, the food they consume. And more surprising was the fact that the respective States are liable for the same under the Directive Principles of the State.