Webinar on The Concerns Pertaining to Women: Socio-Economic and Political & Importance of Networking

It is a hard fact that the women in every phase of their life are regulated and controlled by their male relations who could be father, brother, husband, live-in partner and son. But this situation becomes ironical when we women instead of realizing the obstructions in our exposure, self confidence and development start glorifying these obstructions. We feel that these relations are protecting us whereas this so called protection in real sense is a big hurdle in our confidence building, development and networking.

She shared further with the house that generally women claim we are not required to earn or to go to market for petty purchases, we are not required to go to the bank and not required to file the income tax report since these jobs are done by our male relations. But we forget that the situation is other way round. In the process of dependency we get deprived from very important life skills. She further added that we have started talking about teaching our boys the domestic chores and in the same manner we need to teach our daughters to become self -reliant and to get equipped with all kind of life skills