Students For Human Rights

HRLN through its units across the country is helping build an independent national network of students. Today, it has members all across the education spectrum coordinated by a core team that consists of Dalit, Muslim, Tribal and women students, among others. SHR strives to bring correct information and takes the engagement further by creating opportunities to engage with human rights issues by reaching out to students, educating them on pertinent issues, strengthening their resource base, etc. For most students, what usually begins as an internship or volunteer work turns in due course of time into a full-time curricular activity for a growing cadre of vibrant and determined students who combat AFSPA from Manipur in the North-East to Kashmir in the north, engage with Communalism in Orissa and Goa to gender violence in Karnataka, engage with political thought and activity with people’s movements across the country.

Students for Human Rights : Human Rights Training Module

Concept & compilation by Janice Birch Students for Human Rights (SHR) is a movement of concerned students and young more