Chandrabhan B. Tadi v. Life Insurance Corporation of India & Anr.


Writ Petition No. 1184/2006, Bombay High Court Promotion : Petitioner denied promotion by LIC on the grounds that he was ineligible  Action of Respondent challenged in the Bombay High Court  Petitioner was promoted to the concerned post upon the Petition being filed. The Petitioner, a 100% blind employee of LIC had joined the services of the Respondent as a telephone operator. He applied for a promotion after having completed over five years of service as per the eligibility norms under the LIC Rules. The Petitioner was not selected for the promotion despite being eligible although he repeatedly applied for the same. By two separate letters, the Petitioner was informed that he was not eligible for the promotion to the cadre he had applied for as per the Rules. For about ten years from his entitlement, the Petitioner was continuously denied his promotion. The Petitioner challenged the action of the Respondent by filing a writ petition in the Bombay High Court. Thereupon, the LIC decided that the Petitioner would be considered for the promotion and issued instructions to treat the Petitioner as eligible for the promotion as per the Rules. The Petitioner was subsequently promoted. Subsequent thereto the Petitioner was not confirmed in his promoted position. By using the Right to Information Act effectively and by repeatedly meeting with the officers in LIC, the Petitioner has been confirmed in his promoted post.