Delhi HC sets up another committee to look into registration of Commonwealth construction workers


In the matter of PUDR & Others Vs UOI & Others in Delhi High Court, the Hon'ble Court has given various directions to the respondents favoring workers working at the construction sites of Commonwealth Games are as follows: i) All the authorities who are involved and are covered by the Committee by this Court shall make all possible efforts to register the workers so that no worker remains unidentified and further is in a position to avail the statutory benefits and future litigation is avoided. ii) The pass book should be opened in respect of all the workers. All benefits that are accruable on the basis of issuance of passbooks shall be monitored by the Labor Department. Be it noted, we are not finding any fault with the functioning of the department of the but we are only stating that one must remind oneself of one's duty, more so, when dealing with the peoples who are working in an atmosphere to have their food, shelter and clothing and live a life with acceptable dignity. iii) The education scheme, which has been introduced, has to be appropriately implemented so that a child of a worker gets necessary education. It should be borne in mind by all concerned that "education is the spine of a civilized society". iv) As far as the medical benefits, maternity benefits and death benefits are concerned, the same be provided as per the provisions in the Acts and the schemes framed there under. v) The petitioner is at liberty to have assistance of the senior persons from the field of academics and other personalities whose names find mention at page 32 of the petition to assist the workmen to fill up the forms to have the benefit. vi) All the respondents shall file their requisite response/steps taken within four weeks keeping in view the aforesaid directions. But there was no compliance by the respondents of these directions from the Hon`ble Court. So the Hon`ble Court set up a committee of three lawyer from the DLSA (Delhi Legal Service Authority) assisted by the petitioner's lawyer Mr.Tariq Adeeb to look into the registration procedure at the various sites of Commonwealth Games and the camps for registration should be held site-wise and the efforts to be made to sensitize the workers about their rights. The report should be submitted before next date of hearing.