Delhi High Court tells Delhi Police to stop unnecessary harassment and unwarranted interrogations in wake of Tibetan Protests, Government assures immediate release of all arrested/ detained Tibetans


During the recent visit of Chinese Premier to New Delhi for BRICS Summit on 29/29.03.12, Delhi Police unleashed panic and caused harassment of Tibetans and Indians from North East India, who resembles like Tibetans and subjected several people to unwarranted interrogations. Around 200 Tibetans were sent behind the bars on mere suspicion. Lawyers from HRLN were flooded with requests for help and when these lawyers tried to get in touch with the detained Tibetans, police stations denied access and refused to share any information about charges. On 29.03.12, Acting Chief Justice Arjun Sikri of Hon’ble Delhi High Court was informed about such indiscriminate action of police by way of oral mentioning in the open Court and Counsel for Delhi Police was immediately called to answer the complaint. Lawyers from HRLN, Advocate Svetlana Sandra Correya and Advocate Tsering C. who had themselves faced difficulty in extending legal assistance to arrested persons and had faced unnecessary interrogation at the hand of police also appeared before Hon’ble High Court and narrated their experiences. Keeping in view the urgency and on the assurance that all 198 arrested/ detained Tibetans will be released on 30.02.12 latest by 10:45 AM, Hon’ble High Court passed an order, observing that: No doubt, the police and other authorities including FRRO, as and when suspect any law and order situation, are entitled to take remedial/ preventive measures. At the same time it is also the duty of the police not to put anybody to unnecessary harassment and unwarranted interrogations. The aforesaid order is in respect of 197 Tibetans and other Tibetans; therefore persons from North East or Ladakh cannot be subjected to any interrogation / detention pursuant thereto. On the request of Lawyers, Hon’ble Court has also granted liberty to present a Petition to ensure that these kinds of incidents are not repeated in future. Commenting on this development, Sethu Das, President of prominent Tibet Support Group “Friends of Tibet” has said: “We thank entire team of lawyers for taking this issue to a very logical conclusion. This unique court order will also have a lasting impact on all political activities in future by the exile community members.” Soon a comprehensive petition will be presented before Hon’ble Court seeking remedies against re-occurrence of such violations in future. For further details, Please contact: Advocate Anant Asthana Human Rights Law Network Email: Court Order