Raghuveer Singh Gond vs. Union Of India & others


Mr. Raghuveer Singh Gond and others have filed special leave petition before the Supreme Court after the dismissal of writ petition under article 226 of the constitution of India. They have invoked their right to extraordinary jurisdiction challenging the constitutional validity of a control order known as Chattisgarh Public Distribution Control Order, 2004 enacted by the state government. The petitioners alleged that this impugned legislation is in contravention of article 14,19(1) g, 19(6), preamble and directive principle of state policy of the constitution of India. The high court of chattisgarh found it constitutionally valid as it was found consistent with the provisions enshrined in constitution of India and subsequently dismissed the writ petition. Hence the petitioners have moved to the Supreme Court by special leave petition, which is subsequently pending.