Sunita kerketa Versus State of Jharkhand WP(HBCr) 35/2012 (Filed on 30-01-2012 Disposed of on 8-02-2012)


While construction of a Health Center at a distant and outside area of village place instead of where it was approved by the contractors in Garhwa District of Jharkhand, the villagers informed to government authorities. The whole villagers in the leadership of Mukiya Ramdas Minj (Victim herein), Panchayat Samiti Mamber Urmila Minj, Upmukhiya- Killa Devi, Ward Mamber- Annu Lakra was decided to go for hunger strike (Anshan) near Bajarmari Aam of Panchayat Badgadh. Next morning the police arrested Ramdas Minj, Fida Husain, at 6:00 AM. Ramdas Minj was released from the custody at 7 AM in the morning on 21-01-2012. That thereafter there was a sound of Blast at Forest Salo which is 5 KM away from Badgadh Village at about 11:30 AM on 21-01-2012. Thereafter Mejor Dinbandhu Yadav with other police officials came to the police station and started beating (Mercilessly) to the arrested persons in front of the villagers. A complaint was filed before Shree B. K. Lal, Civil Judge, Junior Division VII, Garwa Being Criminal Miss Number 6 / 2012 by the petitioner on 23-01-2012. That on 28-01-2012 a press conference was held about the above said illegal activity of the police officers. That the ramdas minj is stiil in police custody and none of his family member and other persons are allowed to meet with him. Nither any information about him is given. By a divisional bench of Jharkhand High Court State Government has been directed to file counter affidavit in 2 days on the allegations leveled against him, later In the counter affidavit, filed on behalf of the State it is interalia stated that the petitioner was arrested on 23rd January 2012 in connection with Bhandaria P.S. Case No. 5/2012, in which several police personnels were killed in mine blast and the petitioner had active role in the said blast. The Court observed that “observing that the Petitioner may raise all the points available to him before the learned court below.” For more details, contact Ahmed Raza +91-9661152827 HRLN Ranchi Dlaupachi Apartments, Bano Manjil Road Galikhana, Ranchi ,Jharkhand -834001